Total Office IT Solutions!

We have the widest selection of products and services and we can help you to grow your business fast while solving the problems you are currently facing! Instead of dealing with 5 different vendors and at a fraction of the original cost, we can bring 1 bill and 1 service line to all your office related issues and get a solution right away!

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IT Services

We help businesses to advance on the technology forefront and reap the most fruitful result from modern technology. By building a solid IT infrastructure and service plan, we help your business expand its operation cost effectively and provide add-on value to your customers.

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IT Support Ticket System

We provide an easy and advanced online support system to our current clients free of charge so they can easily manage all the progress related to your service repairs. Just click the button below to register or sign in.

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We Bring Technology To Your Business Rather Than Change Your Business To Adopt The Technology

Copi Solutions does all kinds of IT consulting projects. In this very competitive market, you need to close the business and IT (Information Technology) gap very quickly in order to succeed. We have solid tack records to help business improve efficiency.

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The Smart Way To Manage Your Business Information.

Digital document management offers far more than a way to replace cumbersome paper with digital files. It’s a comprehensive system that converts your company’s documents — email, invoices, contracts and other documents — into valuable resources and business intelligence insights.

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Let Our Service Desk Experts Handle Your Technology Questions.

Located in the U.S. and staffed by knowledgeable and well-trained IT customer-care specialists, our IT Service Desk is ready and available to quickly address your needs. Whether it’s a device, a software issue, or a problem with your network, our team will stick with you until a solution is found. From the moment your call is answered, you’ll know you’ve got the right person on the line and that you’re our top priority.

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Custom Software Development Is Tailor-Made By Developers To Your Specifications In Order To Best Serve Your Business’ Needs.

It is not unusual for businesses to license software from a software vendor and then discover that it is simply not suitable for their business. With custom business software, you will be guaranteed that the software makes a great fit for all of your business’ requirements.

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Increase Your Business Value By Investing In IT infrastructure, Cloud or On-Site.

By centralizing the management of server, network and storage, there is a natural streamlining of day-to-day maintenance. This means less personnel, less training, and a knowledge base that doesn’t have to be as deep, freeing up your valuable IT resources for more important tasks.

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